Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Preparing for a Long Road Trip

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Ending up on the side of a long lonely road in the wee hours of the night with no cell service is the worst nightmare of any driver. Without cell service, it is impossible to call for a towing company. The best way to avoid ending up in such a predicament is by preparing adequately for your road trip:

Check your car fluids

Car fluids are important for your vehicle to perform well and you must check all of them before taking off for a long trip. Remember to check your engine oil, gas, transmission fluid, radiator coolant, brake fluid, windshield washer fluid, and coolant and power steering fluid.

Check your hoses and belts

The hoses and belts are crucial checkpoints as they hold almost everything together. If they are worn out and frayed, you should consider replacing them before you set off. If they are not tightly secured, you may have to walk the rest of the trip.

Check your tires

Your tires are crucial for vehicle handling and safety. If they are damaged, there is no way your vehicle can move. Remember to check all the tires including the spare in the boot. Ensure that the vehicle treads are deep enough, the tire pressure is correct and the rims are well aligned. Also, carry tire-changing equipment in the trunk in case you need to change one along the way.

Check your brakes

Along with your tires, your braking system is also an important safety feature that should be checked before you start on your long journey. You should get your brakes checked by an expert inspector. Your brakes may have a problem if you notice any unusual squealing if the brake pedal becomes softer than usual.

Check your battery

Although they say the more you drive, the more your battery is charged, once your battery is at its expiry it will be impossible to start your vehicle. Ensure that you check the condition of your battery and that it is properly charged. The electrical and ignition systems should also be in great condition. You’d certainly won’t like calling towing services in Raleigh NC to be a part of your itinerary, so do your homework.

Carry a map and guide book

If you are going to be driving on hours on end, you need to know exactly where your next stops are going to be for refueling, bathroom breaks of even a power nap. Maps help you organize your journey so you can always keep your supplies in check.  Also, carry extra fuses and oil just in case it takes a long while before you get to the next gas station.

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